virtual event:
Repurposing Your Purpose: Accepting the Chaos and Creating Your Order


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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Chaos is uncomfortable. It’s formless, messy, disorganized, confusing…it’s what we’re going through now. As persons, businesses, and a society, we often fear Chaos. But the internet, the Louvre, the Laws of Gravity, these were all created through Chaos. Because Chaos is also the possible, the creative, the unknown and the potential. Chaos is where growth happens. Anyone can grow from our current circumstances, but only when you know how to balance it with Order.

Coach Lucas Woody from Coaching Better excels in helping individuals and businesses create Order from Chaos, by helping them realign their Purpose with a new reality. Businesses had to adapt when the 1918 Spanish Flu struck the globe. Organizations were forced to be creative when the internet took control of commerce. And YOU can create your own future from this current Chaos, both personally and professionally. Let Coach Woody show you how.