virtual event:
giving and receiving feedback


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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Giving and receiving feedback are skills we require in our professional and daily lives. Thankfully, these skills can be mastered with a bit of practice.

Giving and receiving constructive feedback can be an intimidating experience, but that doesn’t make the task any less important for everyone involved.  After all, thoughtful, constructive feedback is one way to help employees grow and develop their skills. When effectively delivered, the process also builds trust in work relationships.

This webinar will help you get more comfortable with giving and the receiving feedback so you can get the maximum benefit for yourself and others. We’ll share real-world examples that will foster a culture of feedback in your organization, home, and life.

Learn How To:

  • Give more effective feedback,
  • Receive feedback with greater understanding,
  • Interpret the full meaning and context of feedback,
  • Use received feedback in a variety of ways,
  • Teach others to give feedback by modeling behaviors, and
  • Disagree with feedback you’re given.


Feedback can help improve relations, retention, engagement, and productivity, but only if it’s done well. Join us for this webinar that will help you and others get better at giving and receiving feedback.