TCYP Leadership Series
Understanding Behavior, Values, & Motivators





12:00PM - 1:00PM


Virtual via Zoom

TCYP is proud to bring to our members an annual Leadership Series that meets current and future leaders where they are by assessing who they are and where they want to go. This four part Leadership Series, presented by Profile LLC, utilizes the ‘DISC’ and ‘Motivators and Values’ assessments to identify specific drivers then breaks them down for a full fundamental understanding of what makes you tick. By taking detailed measurements of these key impulses and needs, these assessments are able to lay the groundwork that offers the practical applications and insights necessary to maximize leadership performance.

World renowned behavioral strategist and leadership expert Chad Q. Brown of Profile LLC understands what it takes to lead at an anatomic level. For over thirteen years, Chad has been researching leadership, communication, and personality traits on how their implementation affects success. His teaching uses highly validated behavioral tools, used by Fortune 500 companies and the US Military, that have been simplified for utilization by a broader, more individualized, audience. His belief is that the application of behavioral tools and cutting edge technology can make any individual and team not only stronger, but drastically more successful.

10.1:   Session I: Understanding Behavior: Who Are You?
10.8:   Session II: Understanding Values: What Do You Value?
10.15: Session III: Understanding Motivations: Where Are You Going?
10.29: Session IV: Application: Now, How Do You Lead?

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