INnovations Series: Walking Away From Burn Out


9:00AM - 10:30AM


Greater Lafayette Commerce 
Kirby Risk Boardroom

Find something you’re passionate about and figure out how to make money doing it. You’ve probably heard that at least one time in your life. Maybe you’re doing it today with your own business (props to you!).
If you’re like Mike Bristol, founder and CEO of UpLync Communications, you’re running a business far removed from anything you dreamed of as a kid.
No matter how you got there, you all have one risk in common — BURNOUT. But what can you do? You own a business. You’ve got to just “embrace the suck.” Right? 
Not necessarily.
From adventures, like hiking almost 50 miles, to daily destressors, Bristol is going to share how he successfully (and sometimes not so successfully) avoids burnout. After almost 25 years running a business, he’s tried more than a few different approaches. 
Bristol started UpLync Communications as a dial-up internet company. After about five years, he saw the internet infrastructure quickly changing and knew a dial-up business wasn’t sustainable. Given his experience with phone companies, however, he foresaw an impending transition for business phone services. Internet-based phones would soon start replacing copper phone lines connected to analog PBX systems (aka, the big box in the office closet).
Bristol shifted his focus from delivering the internet to using it to create reliable, affordable and flexible business phone systems. Today, UpLync is a leading provider of hosted VoIP phone systems to a variety of businesses around the country