Success in 60:<br>The Foundation of Success

Got a lunch hour? We’ve got your professional development covered! Get your networking and upskilling completed in 60 minutes or less with Success in 60, a lunchtime event created with the busy schedules of our Young Professionals. Join us each month for a new topic!

This Month:
Organization is the lifeblood of success, but how do the uber successful get organized? The secret is S6, the foundation on which continuous improvement begins. Join us as speaker Jose Cabral jumpstarts our dive into Lean principles with insights to the fundamentals of 6S and their importance on your journey to success. You’ll learn what the six s’s of continuous improvement are and how to apply them to your life, regardless of your industry.

Speaker Jose Cabral joins us for the first of his five sessions 2021 discussing Lean principles.

About the Speaker:
Jose Cabral is a Purdue University graduate in Electrical Engineering. Throughout his career he worked in Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace. He brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience having worked with Allen Bradley, Omron and Mitsubishi PLCs, and Fanuc and ABB robots.

Jose is Lean Certified in Japan; he brings a systematic approach, removing wasteful steps and ensuring efficiency, yet high customer satisfaction.

Jose holds a Process Patent for measuring bearing ID grind tolerance during the grinding process. In his free time, Jose enjoys spending time with his wife and 5 kids, mentoring two FIRST robotics teams in his community, and tuning & rebuilding cars.

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TCYP SERVES AT <br>food finders

Food drives are a great way for groups of all sizes to make a difference in the fight against hunger. Join TCYP as we assist in serving our community at the new Fresh Market Food Finders location, located in the old Save A Lot store. In small groups, we will restock food items and assist in other activities to support the market.

Event Limited To 20 Participants.

Check out this event’s safety guidelines using the registration link below.


Looking to get better at organization? Want to improve your processes in the workplace? Interested in best practices? Our Learn About LEAN series is for you! Join us as speaker Doug Ellenberger of the Wabash Valley Lean Network kicks off our Learn About Lean series by introducing the Lean Principles and Process Management tools and gives us a wide look at how Lean can improve our practices and our lives. This session will be geared toward individuals with zero to basic experience with Lean Management.

So, what’s Lean anyhow? Lean Management is the method which creates an efficient process flow by eliminating nonvalue-adding activities. This concept applies to any type and size of business or industry and has been used by some of the largest companies in the world. These concepts are simple to apply and easy to benefit from. Join in on this series the third Thursdays of the month through June 2021.


About The Speaker:

Doug Ellenberger leads Wabash Valley Lean Network providing one of the best resources in the US for learning, sharing and networking with a focus on improvement and lean.A life-long Hoosier, Doug completed his engineering degree at Purdue and has remained in the Lafayette area. He has leadership experience in process improvement, lean and management at both large and small manufacturing plants and warehousing/distribution. Doug is a local small business founder and owner since 2003 serving both the Lafayette area and national markets. He shares the pain of striving to survive in the current market conditions. Doug enjoys anything health and fitness related, both traditional and not so traditional. Wim Hof anyone?

Interested in learning how lean and process improvement can help you and your organization? You can more find more info at

TCYP Leadership Series<br>Understanding Behavior, Values, & Motivators

TCYP is proud to bring to our members an annual Leadership Series that meets current and future leaders where they are by assessing who they are and where they want to go. This four part Leadership Series, presented by Profile LLC, utilizes the ‘DISC’ and ‘Motivators and Values’ assessments to identify specific drivers then breaks them down for a full fundamental understanding of what makes you tick. By taking detailed measurements of these key impulses and needs, these assessments are able to lay the groundwork that offers the practical applications and insights necessary to maximize leadership performance.

World renowned behavioral strategist and leadership expert Chad Q. Brown of Profile LLC understands what it takes to lead at an anatomic level. For over thirteen years, Chad has been researching leadership, communication, and personality traits on how their implementation affects success. His teaching uses highly validated behavioral tools, used by Fortune 500 companies and the US Military, that have been simplified for utilization by a broader, more individualized, audience. His belief is that the application of behavioral tools and cutting edge technology can make any individual and team not only stronger, but drastically more successful.

10.1:   Session I: Understanding Behavior: Who Are You?
10.8:   Session II: Understanding Values: What Do You Value?
10.15: Session III: Understanding Motivations: Where Are You Going?
10.29: Session IV: Application: Now, How Do You Lead?

Top 10 Under 40 <br>Panel Discussion

Don’t miss your chance to meet the 2020 Top 10 Under 40 winners. Learn about their paths to success, their interests, and how they juggle professional and home life. Groups of members will rotate between panelists and hear their stories, advice, and words of encouragement.


Eric Lin: Director of Development, Wabash Center

Terry Gilbert: Director, River City Community Center

Ebony Barrett: Marketing & Engagement Director, United Way of Greater Lafayette

Cassandra Salazar: Latino Center for Wellness & Education + Purdue Diversity and Inclusion

Lucas Woody: Founder, Human Movement + Better Life Coaching

Adulting 101:<br>How to meet cool people doing interesting things

Connecting with people professionally is hard. How do we, as young professionals, expand ourselves and our connections without seeming ingenuine or, even worse, inexperienced? Jason and Amanda of 10InHouse will share their individual approaches to meeting cool people doing interesting things, making friends, and changing the world. Some call this “networking.” We hope this candid and realistic approach helps you to connect professionally in ways that matter. 


About the Speakers:

Jason Tennenhouse considers himself a design strategist and serial entrepreneur. He has built strategies, created brands, patented products, and constructed spaces for hundreds of ventures of all sizes and across dozens of sectors, with a particular emphasis on high-growth tech. He has also founded toy companies,
restaurants, non-profits, innovation spaces, and think tanks. Jason has served as a strategist and designer for such clients as Cummins, Purdue University, Google, and The White House. J
ason particularly values social impact work, and in addition to serving on dozens of boards, being a Firefighter and Department of Homeland Security Incident Commander, an adjunct professor, and an ordained minister; he has helped start initiatives supporting such things as public art, literacy, healthcare, hunger, and clean water, and has served as a relief worker in Africa and Latin America, and has recently returned from riding his motorcycle through Ireland and visiting every country in the EU.

Amanda Findlay is a community-builder in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on the creation and
growth of startups and small businesses. She’s the Managing Director at MatchBOX Coworking Studio, and leads cohorts of founders through MBXax acceleration programming. Previously, Amanda was a founding member of the Purdue Foundry, has lead community women’s health initiatives, and has a degree
in PR and journalism. 

Top 10 Under 40<br>Awards ceremony

Delegates Networking At Conference Drinks Reception

Join us in VIRTUALLY celebrating the career and philanthropic accomplishments of top young professionals in the Greater Lafayette community. Ten of the finalists will be named 2020’s Tippy Connect Top 10 Under 40 Winners for their outstanding achievements! 

This event will be broadcast live via Facebook. In person attendance is by invitation only.


The Top 10 Under 40 Awards Program an award bestowed by the Tippy Connect Young Professionals organization in connection with Greater Lafayette Commerce. This award celebrates and promotes the contributions of young professionals who have excelled in professional development, servant leadership, and community service.

Success in 60:<br>The Anatomy of results

Got a lunch hour? We’ve got your professional development covered! Get your networking and upskilling completed in 60 minutes or less with Success in 60, a lunch event geared towards the busy schedules of our Young Professionals. Join us for all four topics through 2020!

This session, Chad Knapp of FBi Buildings joins us to speak on ‘The Anatomy of Results’ . Success is in the eye of the beholder.  Gary Vaynerchuck states that success is simply found by asking if you are “happy” with the outcomes of your choices.  Regardless of how you define success, the pursuits toward success often vary depending on the individual; however there are key elements to every successful pursuit.  In this discussion, we’ll analyze those key elements, what each means, and how “elite performers” deliver successful outcomes that astound others.

Engage, learn, and grow with TCYP!

About the Speaker:

Chad grew up in Indiana, where working on his uncle’s farm as well as at his uncle’s concrete construction business shaped his work ethic.  After graduating from Purdue with a B.S. in Business Management, Chad spent a decade with the Target Corporation as a store turnaround specialist.  Chad took his passion for people and organizational development to Rasmussen College and Harvest Bible Chapel, where he excelled in HR roles. Chad is passionate about discovering and developing the potential in people, teams, and organizations.  

Cook YP Presents:<br>Work From Home<br>A Guide TO Staying Productive

Have you transitioned to primarily working from home? Still trying to find your rhythm and adapt? Join us for a panel with Cook employees sharing their experiences with adapting routines, facing challenges, creating a physical setup, and maintaining connections with their team members and coworkers. Panel members have a range of experience working from home, on the road, in the office, or as a hybrid prior to the pandemic. Join us for our discussion!

Adulting 101<br>Move Better!

“Lift with your legs, not your back!” Heard that one? Of course you have, your an adult! But has anyone showed you how? Or how to go up the stairs correctly? Or how to sit AND avoid back pain? Lucas Woody, Founder and Head Movement Coach of Human Movement, will show you all these in more as he shares their mission to help people Move Better, so that they can hurt less and perform more. Keep your youth and join us for this energy-filled event!